ACA Defenders

The Massachusetts High School Democrats are working with the ACA Defenders to protect the Affordable Care Act using Hubdialer, a phonebanking program which allows us to reach residents of states with wavering Senators. We can use our technology to patch these residents directly through to their Senators’ offices, maintaining pressure on their offices. We will not let millions of Americans lose coverage without a fight. Save Obamacare from the comfort of your own home!

Read the entire process before you get started. If you have any questions, reach out to the Chairman at

  1. Sign up to join the fight.
    1. Sign up for as many days as you can, but don’t sign up for a day if you’re not sure that you can’t do it. They will be planning for you to pitch in. If you find yourself unexpectedly available but aren’t signed up for that day, don’t let it stop you!
    2. Under “organization,” put Massachusetts High School Democrats.
    3. Make sure to screenshot the screen you get after filling out the form.
    4. You will receive a daily email, but it will not be in your “primary” inbox if you’re a Gmail user. It will contain important updated information, so remember to check it.
  2. Go to Hubdialer on your PC or tablet.
    1. On Day 1, you will only be able to use Hubdialer if you took a screenshot of the results of the signup form. On every day after Day 1, use the information given in the last daily email you received.
    2. Use your phone to call the number, and follow the script.
  3.  Report your results every day! 

  4. Recruit friends, family, strangers, whoever the heck has a phone and some passion!