Our Chapters

Western Massachusetts

Regional Coordinator: Ben Moss-Horowitz, Northampton High School


Noah Secondo, East Longmeadow High School

Over the past two years, Noah has interned for State Senator Eric Lesser in his district office and on the campaign trail.  In the fall of his junior year at ELHS, he co-founded the Young Democrats Club.  The following year, that club transformed into the Political Science Club, of which the Young Democrats Club is a subsection.  During these two years, Noah and his club members have worked on local, state, and national campaigns, phone banking and canvassing during both the summer and the school year.  During their meetings, the group has discussed many topics: gerrymandering, various electoral systems, the internet’s role in democracies, Ukraine and Western Europe, net neutrality, and much more.

Contact Noah at noahsecondo@gmail.com.




Dylan Dubay, Four Rivers Charter School

Dylan Dubay is a young Massachusetts Democrat with a goal of uniting youth and politics. He is the Chairman of the Erving Democratic Committee, and is involved with the Young Democrats of Western Massachusetts. Dylan also serves as the Chairman of the Greenfield High School Democrats. After the 2016 election, Dylan became interested in issues concerning human rights and the environment. He has done volunteer work for both Hillary Clinton and Jay Gonzalez. Dylan lives in Erving, and is a senior at Four Rivers Charter School.





Cherilyn Strader, Northampton High School

Cherilyn was introduced to political activism during the 2016 Presidential Election when people’s rights and safety came under threat. She began to learn about politics and get involved, excitedly phone banking during the primary elections for Bernie Sanders.

Cherilyn is a junior at Northampton High School. She is currently working on a panel for the Civil Liberties and Public Policy conference for April 2018 and is co-chair of the Northampton High School Democrats.

She can be contacted at cstrader@northampton-k12.us



image23Tadea Martin-Gonzalez, Northampton High School

After fostering a fascination with international relations and foreign politics since 5th grade, Tadea finally got involved domestically by volunteering with the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016. In her first year as co-chair of Northampton High School Democrats this year, Tadea and the chapter have gotten involved in several campaigns, brought in several speakers on topics ranging from ranked choice voting to military recruitment in schools and much more in their first active year. She is currently a sophomore at Northampton High School. When she isn’t doing things related to politics or school she likes to do gymnastics,read, dance, and listen to Hamilton.



image8Chinaly Chanvong, Sabis International Charter School

As a MassMutual Intern, Chinaly Chanvong quickly learned how to lead large bodies of students in a small amount of time. As both a Varsity soccer captain and coach, she strives for excellence in every corner of her life. Inspired by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2008, she saw an opportunity to have her voice heard. When she joined her school’s Model Congress Team in her freshman year, she started to realize the inequality of women in the workplace, and now strives to rectify the problem through legislation. Chinaly is currently a Junior.

She can be contacted at cschanvong@gmail.com



image12Trevaughn Smith, Sabis International Charter School

Trevaughn was cultivated in an environment where yelling “seek the floor” and analysing legislation was the cultural norm – on his Model Congress team in 9th grade. Praised by students, teachers, and administrators alike, he strives to learn even more about the political world before going to college. Well-versed in civil law for his age, he strives to improve LGBT+ civil rights through legislative action. Acting as current Head Prefect of the Student Life Organization at Sabis International Charter School, team captain of his Model Congress/Model United Nations team at Sabis, and a political intern on the Committee to Elect Tracye Whitfield, Trevaughn is a jack of all trades. Trevaughn is currently a Senior.

He can be contacted at trevaughnsmith10@outlook.com




Ellie Scott, Williston Northampton School

Ellie Scott and is the chair of the Williston Democrats. She created the club when as a sophomore, and is now a senior at the Williston Northampton School in Easthampton. Ellie campaigned for Hillary Clinton from May 2015 to November 2016. She interned in the 413 for Hillary office in the fall of 2016. Most recently, Ellie campaigned for Nicole LaChapelle’s mayoral campaign.


Central Mass

image11Regional coordinator: Jackson Humphreys, Thayer Academy

From a young age, Jackson has expressed an interest in politics. During the 2016 election, this passion led him to volunteer for the Sanders campaign. Later, he co-founded the Thayer Academy High School Democrats. He is an active member of his town committee, and currently serves as Central Mass Coordinator where he works to educate and empower students across the Massachusetts to get involved in politics. Jackson lives in Milton, and is a sophomore at Thayer Academy.




Rianna Mukherjee, Algonquin Regional High School

Rianna’s passion for politics was fueled by her interest in women’s rights. She is a co-president of her school’s feminist club and has been involved in school politics for many years. Recently, her interests have expanded to push for change outside of her local community. Rianna is a junior at Algonquin Regional High School.






Andrew Adams, Hingham High School

Andrew has always had an interest in politics, but found himself increasingly concerned by the direction our country was headed during the 2016 election. Amidst all the hatred, racism, sexism, and bigotry, he was inspired by young people all across the country who stood up for what they believed in and ensured that their voices were heard. As a member of Massachusetts Student Democrats, and a founder of its Hingham chapter, he looks forward to spreading a passion for political activism and civic engagement within his own community. When he’s not working to overturn the Republicans’ majority in Congress, he enjoys running, skiing, travelings, and hanging out with my friends. Andrew is 17 years old, and a senior at Hingham High School.



Processed with VSCO with c1 presetEthan Ayer, Hingham High School

At first, Ethan was hesitant about starting a democratic chapter his town, Hingham. However, after participating at the MAHSD State Summit in West Springfield in 2017 and seeing the positive discussions on civic engagement being presented, he realized the importance of such an initiative. With Hingham’s democratic chapter, fellow chapter heads, Andrew Adams and Sophie Cohen, Ethan hopes to promote that same encouragement of civic engagement that he saw at the conference, as he believes it is the root of American progress. He and his chapter look forward to bringing people together and starting dialogues, whether it be through more conferences or marches, in order to connect and educate people on local issues that spill out and exacerbate universal issues, encouraging and facilitating them to get involved in anyway they can along the way. Ethan is a Senior at Hingham High.





Sophie Cohen, Hingham High School

Being a part of our high school’s democratic chapter is important to Sophie because it allows the young people in her town to be involved and informed about politics from in school to nationwide. She is excited to spread the word about our chapter to other students who are concerned with equality, justice and peace. She looks forward to being involved with everyone interested and make changes together. Sophie is a senior at Hingham High School.




Screenshot_20180330-155630~2Mark Lannigan, Medway High School

Mark Lannigan is the chair of the Medway High School Democrats of America. He is the president of his class and the school’s environmental club, alongside writing and hosting a segment on his town’s local news called the “Political Update.” Since getting into high school, his many endeavors in clubs and other organizations led him to become interested in leadership and, eventually, government and politics. Now, he’s a part of Senator Spilka’s Youth Advisory Council, a participant at Student Government Day, and an avid political activist. Hoping to become a politician some day, Mark has found an incredible opportunity in creating Medway’s HSDA, and hopes to further progressive goals wherever he can.
Nicholas Adams, Pembroke High School

Nicholas Adams is the chair and founder of the Young Democrats of Pembroke High School. He is a senior at Pembroke High, also participating as the manager of the Titan Market and a member of Amnesty International, DECA, and the National Honor Society. He has loved politics and government for years, and has worked as an intern with State Representative Josh S. Cutler and is volunteering on the gubernatorial campaign of Setti Warren. He is also running to be a delegate to the state convention of the Massachusetts Democratic Party.




Joey DuBois, Uxbridge High School

Joey DuBois is a Democrat through and through. Since birth, he has been involved in local politics, being the son of a local selectman. It all began for Joey when he held signs with his father for Barack Obama in 2008, and he never looked back from there. In 2012, when Joey certainly had a bit more knowledge about who he was actually campaigning for, Joey once again held signs for Obama. Joey has also met Jim McGovern and Elizabeth Warren. Joey is a senior at Uxbridge High School, where he also plays for the basketball and tennis teams and participates in his school’s drama club, student council, and National Honors’ Society. Joey DuBois is a dedicated young man to his school, community, and country.


Cape Cod

image14Regional Coordinator: Siri Lindberg, Nauset Regional High School

Siri Lindberg found her passion for politics in a freshman year civics class. She decided to take action during the 2016 presidential election and found a group of likeminded people who she helped re-establish the Nauset High School Democrats. She later became involved in the Cape Cod High School Democrats, a regional network with branches in high schools all over the Cape. Outside of politics she is a member of the drama department at her high school and writes for Nauset Horizons, the school newspaper. Siri is from Wellfleet and is a junior at Nauset Regional High School.

Contact Siri at scdlindberg@gmail.com


image17Dillon McCarthy, Nauset Regional High School

Dillon began his career in politics during the 2016 presidential election. Having been inspired by both his government class and the campaign of Bernie Sanders, Dillon began to volunteer with as many campaigns as he could. After Election Day, to  share his experience and knowledge with other young people, Dillon founded the Cape Cod High School Democrats, a regional network with branches in high schools all over the Cape. In doing so, he discovered his passion for recruiting people and spreading the message of progressive politics. It is why he is honored to serve as Development Director for the Massachusetts High School Democrats, tasked with starting more chapters across the Commonwealth and aiding other students in doing so. He lives in Hyannis and is a junior at Nauset Regional High School.


North Shore

image2Regional Coordinator: Amanda Westlake, Wakefield Memorial High School

Amanda Westlake is a junior at Wakefield Memorial High School. She is a co-chair of the High School Democrats of Wakefield, as well as the regional coordinator for the North Shore and a member of the MAHSD Finance Committee. Amanda has previously interned for Senator Elizabeth Warren and volunteered as a tour guide at the Massachusetts State House. Additionally, she has experience volunteering on a variety of political campaigns up and down the ballot and serves on the Greater Boston Regional Student Advisory Council. She is proud of all that MAHSD has achieved, and is excited to continue working with such an incredible organization. In her free time, Amanda enjoys history, art, track and field, and riding the MBTA.



image20Eliza Michaels, Beverly High School

Eliza Michaels is a local activist and community leader. She serves on the Beverly public Library teen advisory board, Beverly high school student council, Beverly democratic committee, and serves as the student representative to the school committee. She has worked on various local campaigns such as Julie flowers and Estelle Rand for city council. She interned for senator Elizabeth Warren in herr Boston officer. She also planned Rally for Love a local gathering in response to the Charlottesville Attacks. Eliza also enjoys playing in her high school’s band, spending time with her friends and family, and traveling.


image6Rory Devlin, Beverly High School

Rory Devlin is a junior at Beverly High School. He is a co-chair of the High School Democrats of Beverly. He has worked on many local campaigns, and is active in the Beverly City Democratic Committee. Devlin played a large role in the creation of Beverly Public School’s ‘sanctuary district’, which established protection protocol for at risk immigrant students. He serves on Student Council, and enjoys history and music. He continues to work hard to promote youth civic engagement in Beverly.



image19Emma Szalewicz, Marblehead High School

Emma Szalewicz is a senior at Marblehead High School. She is co-chair of the Marblehead High School Democrats. She is also a member of the Massachusetts service organization Project 351. In her free time, Emma enjoys dance, skiing, snowboarding, and writing.



AlexAlexander Gillis, Melrose High School

Alexander Gillis is a junior at Melrose High School. He is the chair of the Melrose High School Democrats. He has worked on the local campaigns in Melrose and has also interned for gubernatorial candidate Jay Gonzalez this past summer and plans to do so again this coming summer. Alexander is also apart of the mock trial team at Melrose High School. Alexander is interested in working on campaigns, history, baseball, and movies.




image4Aoguzi Muhameiti, Pioneer Charter School of Science II

Growing up watching a father who was an activist, Aoguzi had been exposed to civics and the political system since the earliest of his memories. An Uyghur, Aoguzi was born in Japan, and arrived in the States in 2010 under a political Asylum due to ethnic threats in China. Then, he moved to Massachusetts in 2011 and has been in Foster Care since. In 2015, Aoguzi decided to be actively involved within government and began to attend Chelsea City Council meetings regularly. His first experience was as a campaign coordinator for Jeffrey Ross who was a Democratic primary candidate for Suffolk County Register of Deeds. Soon, he began to indirectly campaign for Bernie Sanders, attend healthcare rallies, and finally founded the MAHSD Chapter at Pioneer Charter School of Science II.




mahsssmsTalat Aman, Wakefield Memorial High School

Talat Aman is a junior who attends Wakefield Memorial High School in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Being both co-chair of the Wakefield High School Democrats and National Advocacy Director for the High School Democrats of America, Talat has experience in fostering civic engagement in politics and hopes to continue to do so in the future. Talat interned at Senator Elizabeth Warren’s office this past summer and has interests in science, technology, and bolstering democracy at the grassroots level.


Greater Boston

Regional Coordinator: Oscar Berry, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School

image18Griffin Gould, Arlington High School

Griffin Gould is the president of the Arlington High School democrats and works on the MAHSD Graphic Design Team. He is a sophomore and also takes part in the Art Club, Badminton Club, Philosophy club, school Volleyball team, and plays piano. He was born in Arlington MA and has lived there all his life. His family is rich with Italian culture and heavily influenced and inspired by their immigrant great grandparents. Griffin was born with two severe club feet, and struggled to overcome his physical disability and overcame it against large odds through two surgeries. He is very passionate about environmental issues along with social justice and social change. He has found that becoming involved with politics through the high school democrats is an incredible way to effectively make change on a large scale. He look forward to the future of our organization in 2018 and beyond!




Laura Goodfield, Boston Latin School

Laura was raised in a very politically active household- since the age of 6, she spent every morning waking up with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, and going to bed listening to Rachel Maddow. During the 2012 election, she began holding debates at recess for her sixth grade class. Laura was active in Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and is excited to be continuing advocacy as a chapter co president at Boston Latin School, as well as the co president of Junior Statesmen Association at BLS. Laura is also the director of the Public Health and Safety committee on the Mayor’s Youth Council, and hopes to be able to continue working in the public health field in the future.




image9Peter Connolly, Concord Academy

Peter’s interest in politics was sparked by passionate debates from a politically diverse family. During the 2016 presidential election, he created a blog, http://www.millennialpolitics2k.com, and began writing fervently about the candidates and their platforms. He continued to pursue his passion for politics that summer, interning for Jack Patrick Lewis’s campaign for state representative, a progressive Democrat representing Framingham and Ashland. He also interned for Congressman Joe Kennedy III and served as a legislative intern in the statehouse last summer. He is the leader of his high school’s Democrat club, which helps get students get politically engaged and registered to vote. He is a junior at Concord Academy and enjoys playing baseball and soccer as well as working for a local ice cream store, Rancatore’s, in his hometown of Newton.



Nathan Follet, Watertown High School

Nathan is a junior at Watertown High School. In the 2016 election, he helped campaign in New Hampshire with other high school Democrats, although he only recently joined the group himself. His interests include history, politics, and public policy. Last summer, he interned at the Massachusetts State House for Representative John Hecht.




29663567_423097364821851_357192129_n.pngPeter Ha, Brookline High School

Peter Ha has been politically involved since canvassing for Democrats in New Hampshire in the run-up to the 2016 election, which only energized him to become more involved. To this end he interned for Senator Warren, hoping to bring Democratic ideals and government involvement to the people. He founded the Brookline High chapter of the Massachusetts High School Democrats in order to promote student involvement in a time when it is increasingly crucial to do so.



X9GSmEE0ZYdRkv5LOXYPQ_g8bqazIDdfJPVUFs0eWXAR8_0S8n1KGKndCu4poUtL77yRD_WRyI-T4x2E7IY3HaCbgJY=s2048Anjali Ramakrishnan, 
Belmont High School

Anjali Ramakrishnan is a current junior at Belmont High School. Her interests in politics stemmed from the start of the 2016 Election, where she seeked to get more politically involved. She has volunteered on several political campaigns on the local, state, and national level, and she was a legislative intern at the Office of Representative Dave Rogers in the summer of 2017, where she wrote testimony, conducted policy research, and assisted with constituent services. Anjali currently serves on the MAHSD Finance and Development Committee, where she works on MAHSD wide projects and working to raise funds for the organization. Aside from politics, Anjali is a Captain of her school’s Mock Trial Team, a member of her school’s madrigals singers and jazz choir, an Indian dancer, and is extremely obsessed with everything and anything related to Grey’s Anatomy among other TV shows.





Michelle Tom, Lexington High School

Michelle runs a MAHSD chapter in Lexington, where she attends meetings with town Democrats, collects signatures for candidates and runs voter registration drives. She is passionate about the Democratic Party and works on the MAHSD finance committee