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Contact the Executive Board

To contact the Executive Board, please consult our “Our Staff” page to get the information of the pertinent staff member.

If your question is urgent or time-sensitive, please email our Chairman, Michael Baick, at

Starting a Chapter

The High School Democrats of America Guide provides comprehensive information on nearly every aspect of getting a chapter started, from working with an unfriendly administration to holding your first meeting. – MAHSD Development Director. Contact Dillon when you start your chapter, and he will be glad to help. Dillon’s Chapter Guide. 

If you are starting a chapter, fill out this form.

Voter Registration

Running a voter registration drive is one of the best ways to get your peers engaged in a totally nonpartisan way. Civic engagement, ideally, starts from the bottom up.

MHSD Voter Registration Drive guide. is a quick link to the online registration form.

Other Ways to Connect to Democratic Organizations

Being in touch with your local Town or Ward Committee is a tremendous asset for a chapter. Find out how to contact your committee here.

More To Come!